Adventure Shop

Image courtesy of the Wellcome LibraryThe Adventure Shop first opened in the 1890s as a place for explorers and adventurers to stock up on things they may need, things they may not think they need, and things they will most certainly need eventually. The Shop has been operating for over a century as London’s foremost supplier of practical, particular, and preternatural adventuring provisions to adventure connoisseurs from every corner of our great isle. Due to its incomparable reputation among Those Who Adventure, the Shop became a sort of private members club for people keen to explore boundaries and voyage to previously unknown spaces.

Find gifts for all the intrepid adventurers in your life, including artworks, stories, Adventure Kits and games of High Adventure that have been created by members of the society.

Inspired by the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco, the Adventure Society’s base is also the entrance to the Room Escape.