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We are closing on 18th June 2016! Unfortunately we cannot book in any games after that point.

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You can play the game in a group of up to eight. It’s designed as a group puzzle, so you need at least four people to have a chance of solving it in time. Optimum team size is six.

Bookings of 4 players are considered ‘public’ and will be open for additional players to add themselves to that session. Bookings of 5 – 8 players are considered ‘private’ and will automatically close so that only the person who made the initial booking is able to add players to their team.

If you have a group of fewer than four players, choose some game session time slots you’re interested in on this list , then get in touch and we can try to match up up with other players to make up a full group.

Kickstarter backers: check your email for a gift voucher code, which you’ll be able to put this code in at the end of the check out process to get your backer reward tickets taken off the booking cost.